Integra Live is an application that makes it easy to use interactive audio processing to create new music.  The software was originally supported through the EU funded Integra Project, and is now developed by Integra Lab at Birmingham Conservatoire. The software has applications in education as well as professional artistic practice and opens up new possibilities for those seeking an entry point into interactive ‘live electronics’.


A Musical Workflow

Integra Live is designed with musicians in mind
An application optimised for the process of experimentation, discovery, refinement and performance.

Creative Space

At the top level we provide two main views: arrange and live. The arrange view gives a creative space to arrange blocks of audio processing, control parameters with live MIDI inputs, create automation envelopes and create scenes that define progressions between different audio processing setups. When you’re ready to start creating a performance, the live view provides a space to group all the controls you need in single view. As you change scene, the controls for that scene will slide seamlessly into view.

Turnkey Audio Processing

With Integra Live you don’t have to write code or patch objects to create interesting live processing. Neither do you have to deal with the complexities of finding, loading and learning external plugins. The software provides a library of built-in audio processing modules that offer everything you need to get started with interactive audio. Modules share a common look and layout meaning you can get on with the interesting part: making your own blocks and tweaking parameters.

Everything is there for you to hit the ground running and get creative.

Connect anything, Script anything

With the Integra Live routing panel, anything can be connected everything else. External MIDI controllers can be routed to module parameters, or parameters can be routed to each other.

This allows complex one-to-many mappings and advanced operations such as automatic event triggering through a single simple interface. Parameters have non-linear ranges where you’d expect, allowing for more musical control over details such as filter cutoff and delay times. Scaling is of course fully adjustable.

For those who like to express themselves through text, all module parameters in Integra Live can be scripted through Integra script a lightweight superset of the Lua language. In just a few lines of simple code a parameter can be set to change randomly or conditionally based on the values of other parameters.

Storage that Just Works

An Integra Live project file contains all the resources you need for your piece. This includes all modules, and any soundfiles you have loaded or recorded, meaning you can share your projects, and no-one needs to worry about missing plugins or externals. It’s all there. What’s more, we guarantee that your project will always be loadable in future versions of Integra Live, even if modules are changed or removed.

Open Source stack

Integra Live has been built from the ground up using open source software and open standards. Our audio processing host runs in the Pure Data engine, communicating with the Integra server via Open Sound Control messaging. The graphical front end is written using the open source Apache Flex framework. Integra Live itself is freely available under the GNU GPL license with source code available on Sourceforge.

Join the Community

If all of this sounds exciting, but you’d like to learn more about Integra Live, you might want to head over to our tutorials section where you will find a comprehensive step-by-step guide covering every aspect of the software. If you have any questions, ideas, or projects to share join our user forum — we’d love to hear from you!